Recruitment 2022 - The Era Of Change

Updated: Jan 18

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Many of you know that I work on instinct; I plan and plan yet my instinct is what ultimately rules. That doesn't mean I don't have strategy or enjoy following a well thought out strategy; however recruiting someone is a bit like going on a first date, when you know you know!

When I meet a candidate that I know is right or wrong, time and time again I go with my instincts. In the past, whenever I ignored my gut, it usually went wrong. My best advice if you recruit direct; do not ignore that nagging doubt but also trust yourself.

At the moment, many business's are under the heavy weight of needing to recruit and to recruit fast - so what is the problem?

Well the whole landscape has changed. Flexible or remote working used to be a dirty word, a word that aroused negative connotations that you were some how less committed, less available, less in many ways. Only the super innovative, super modern thought leaders were doing it but now........... WOW!!!! The pandemic has turned it all on its head and I think this is great for one main reason.

Candidates who had no access to roles suddenly have the world opened up to them. For example, I know a wheelchair bound professional who recently secured an amazing online role where she is succeeding in every aspect. Getting to an office each day would otherwise have been near impossible due to her condition; however, at the click of button she can now be at every meeting with ease and no stress; be a fully integrated team member, achieve all her professional goals without physical infringement.

Mums and dads with impossible childcare costs can suddenly both work remotely with planning and tag team strategy.

Those who had long commutes can now spend more quality time with those they love or have more free time to pursue their passions.

So what does this mean?

It means people are evaluating their life and lifestyle. The pandemic has shown us all that not only does remote working WORK but it also provides an alternative option of the way we choose to spend our working life.

I have recruited talent for many types of roles, retail, tech, manufacturing, start-ups etc however the overwhelming request of candidates far and wide is the option to work remotely or at least work in a hybrid style. However, this is also an amazing opportunity for small business. How so? They can not only attract talent on a national/international basis but also snag top quality candidates that may not have been affordable pre - March 2019. I have known recently an abundance of applicants that are taking significant pay drops to achieve a better balance in life. Talent that may seem out of reach suddenly are not. The offering is no longer all about money it is about, integrity, balance , being appreciated.

What does this mean for small business?

It means the talent pool is wider, the opportunities for top talent have increased .

Wellness and mental health strategies are just as important as dental plans and pension contributions. The pandemic has really brought home to many that there is more to life than sitting in an office all day. The world has opened up and that can only be a good thing.

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